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Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges: Insights on Team Dynamics, MD Hiring, and Business Growth Strategies

Sometimes it feels like we’re running around in circles. We have a number of tests that are running. We’re split testing the ‘Airbnb: Inside Out’ landing page and Meta campaign setup which leaves us with free time to think. We could sit around and do nothing, but that doesn’t work for us.

We’ll kick ideas around all day, wondering if we’re doing the right thing.

Todays thought is related to team dynamics. The thought goes like this: If we could hire a Managing Director...would they bring in a team of experts who can propel our business idea forward in a way that we simply never could?

Does anybody know the answer to this? Maybe you have experience of this directly or indirectly... feel free to share in the comments below. We could be on completely the wrong track, but lets get back to our purpose which is:

The purpose of this site and these blog posts is to share information and knowledge with our fellow entrepreneurs who like us may be struggling to find the path to success.

Starting with nothing more than an idea, and with no proof that anybody gives a stuff. We want to take our belief and drive and try to make it a success. Success is whatever you want it to be.

We have the 100in7 process which will take you to step 1 - proving demand. But what about the next steps? What are they? What should they be?

Would Karen Brady from the Apprentice be sat rolling her eyes? Or would she affirm that we are headed in the right direction.

While we’re on the subject of the Apprentice - it was this TV series that prompted us to question our route to business growth as amateurs. I’m using amateur in a non offensive way: We’re amateurs because we haven’t taken a business from nowhere to somewhere. We haven’t discovered the path to success... yet.

Each week in the Apprentice we lose one or more candidates after they’ve been involved in a task where the project manager will probably be fired if they lose the task.

At the end of the series Alan sugar picks a winner after his business advisors tear each candidates business idea to shreds. Who can forget Stuart ‘The Brand’ Baggs God rest his sole.

So why is it that he can do this? Is it that he knows that his team of people would succeed regardless of what the candidates business plan is? We are leaning towards YES, if the apprentice is to be believed. What do you think?

Our Path

At this point we have our ‘Airbnb: Inside Out’ guide which has a landing page. We also have our ‘Airbnb listing’ landing page where visitors can book a stay with us.

We have received help free of charge from two marketing students who have provided new copy, and marketing strategy that we hope will convert. Although this hasn’t happened so far. We’ll leave it a week then get back to them with the stats and heat maps to see what they recommend in our feedback analysis.

We’re going to continue to write our daily diary based on what we are doing and publish it here to hopefully get your thoughts. Please share your thoughts, whatever they are.


Thanks for reading. If you found it helpful or have an experience you want to share, please comment below. All comments and questions are welcome. We’re all on a journey and will benefit from each others help. Stay positive.

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