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Can Landing Page Optimisation Secrets be Learnt Using Etsy Store and Click Bank Affiliate Strategies?

Updated: Apr 4

I played around with the landing page content for ‘Airbnb: Inside Out’. It’s been one of those days when I suddenly notice something that I should have noticed before. That is: If you know a subject inside out, you know it very well.

Why hadn’t I noticed this before?

Putting that aside for the moment, yesterday I was looking through Hotjar heat maps for the Airbnb landing page - and I have to say that again the results have been disappointing. It turns out that with the new copy, only around 30% of visitors make it down to where the buy button is.

I thought the new copy was much more engaging and real. I thought I’d have a look around for some advice which I found on Fiverr. A landing page expert reviewed my copy and felt that it had been written by chat GPT. It hadn’t. It was all my own heartfelt work which made me wonder if asking that is now a standard question?

I’ve been wondering how close we are to creating a landing page that sells. I’ve started to wonder if I have all the information but can’t see the wood for the trees.

So my new thought for the week is that maybe if I joined an affiliate programme like Click Bank, they would teach me all that I would need to know about landing page optimisation. My logic is that it would make sense for them to share their expertise with me FREE of CHARGE. If they could convert me into a supper affiliate we would all be winners. So I signed up.

Signing up to Click Bank affiliate scheme was a pain in the butt. I was forced to endure one of what felt like the longest videos ever. A video that you couldn’t speed up or skip forward.

It explains how various newbies had found amazing success earning commission of $2,000 within their first 3 months. This was interleaved with affiliates who had made $9,000 in 30 days and others who had made less.

The video was long enough to make me believe that they were giving me the heavy sell, and that whatever they were selling was far from free…and I was right. So that blew that plan out of the water. I wonder why they sell it for almost $2,000. Surely it would make sense to all but give it away, wouldn’t you think?

This makes me believe that maybe new affiliates don’t earn as much as it appears that they could. So selling them a $2,000 dollar course makes good financial sense to Click Bank.

Interestingly Tom had a very similar thought. This weekend he opened an Etsy store selling socks to Leeds fans. Clearly this was another route to discovering the secrets of online selling with see you win.

So then I set about watching youtube videos and I found this, which I would certainly recommend as being worth a look:

I particularly liked the way the presenter ‘Tim’ takes you through the intention of the landing page and how they drive action with some really good examples.

He guides you towards reviewing landing pages for highly competitive terms, giving examples of ‘accounting software’ and accident sites.

He walks through the acronym C.L.O.S.E.R:

C - Credibility

L - Lure - what’s your hook?

O - Objections - what are the reasons that users typically don’t buy?

S - Social proof - have others had a good experience?

E - Ease - is this do able?

R - Results - what does it do?

Through this video I got a lot of insight into how we buy.

Remember that with 100 in 7 we are trying to launch a non existent business. We don’t have customers. We don’t have much social proof and we don’t have credibility in the market.

So basically we have to work with what we’ve got and this means presenting our situation in the best light, which is always possible. Imagine a situation where you have a man with a fishing rod versus a fishing trawler. Clearly the fishing trawler will get a bigger catch. But will it get the best catch?

If the man was to sell his services to a seafood restaurant he might get their buy-in because he’s promised to go and get the best fish he can catch for the restaurant. Anything that he doesn’t feel is right he can put back.

On tune other hand - the trawler catches everything and the restaurant cam compete with other restaurants to get what they want - but it’s not the same thing. The single fisherman may hold an advantage in this situation.

The point of this is that we can all build credibility regardless of our size. I’d like to know if ‘Exposure Ninja’ have any examples of companies that start from Zero?


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