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Meta Campaign Optimisation

Today we’ve launched a new landing page which advertises our Airbnb listing in Matlock Bath.

We have set the Meta campaign for awareness - which is traffic. Although it’s early days, and I know the campaign has only been running for a matter of hours: The stats look pretty encouraging. Using Meta Business sweet we found that by 8:43 am this morning we had spent £1.58, reached 369 people, and 6 had clicked through to the landing page. That’s a cost per click of £0.26.

Reviewing our other campaign where we are selling our guide ‘Airbnb: Inside Out’ which has been setup for sales, we noticed that we had spent £4.18, reached 144 people, and had 3 click through at a cost per click of £1.39.

So today I’m hypothesis testing or AB testing which is the better campaign setup for the guide as I think that we could get more clicks for less if I change from a sales campaign to awareness.

Meta talks about upper funnel and lower funnel events. Lower funnel is the sale and upper funnel is awareness. Awareness means that visitors are coming in cold, never having heard of us.

The reason for this possible mistake is that when choosing the options, I chose sales because it sounded right at the time.

Tools - Google Optimise, AB Tasty, Optimizely, and VWO

Over the past couple of days we have been studying statistical analysis of data as recommended by Meta Blueprint with the intention of using it to setup a new test.

We have two versions of the ‘Airbnb: Inside Out’ landing page, and we want to A/B test which is best by driving the same amount of traffic to each.

We were aware of Google Optimise and recognised its purpose based on this requirement, only to find that it doesn’t exist anymore. It appears that Google didn’t want to keep pace with their competitors: AB Tasty, Optimisely and VWO.

These tools are fascinating and open up a whole new world of discovery which we’ll investigate in a future post.

I’ve heard before that you have to make wholesale changes if you want to really move the needle, and now I’ve seen it mathematically. Without boring you with the maths, I’ve seen an opportunity to improve the advertising campaign for Airbnb: Inside Out.

I’ll share the results in a future post.


Thanks for reading. If you found it helpful or have an experience you want to share, please comment below. All comments and questions are welcome. We’re all on a journey and will benefit from each others help. Stay positive.

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