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Prove your concept for £100

Prove your concept for £100

Got a brilliant idea? Validate it before diving into a business plan and establish real customer interest.


They might be interested, but will they buy?


Are you prepared to squander months wandering in uncertainty?


Don't waste time on an idea if no one cares.


Our £100 Test gives real data in days—clicks, purchases, undeniable proof your concept is a winner.


Hey, I'm Tom, a 2017 maths graduate who bypassed the traditional job route with a detour into entrepreneurship. I left Uni with a great idea, only to find myself on a wild goose chase, suffocated by unhelpful guidance. Little did I know, this setback would become the catalyst for a remarkable transformation with the discovery of this successful formula.


I messed up royally by focusing on the wrong things. I thought I needed to secure investment to move the idea forward, so my focus was all around that. Now I know that I was wrong. I'd used the facilities available to me in the wrong way. I'd got the right answers to my questions. But they were the wrong questions... I just didn't know how to prove my concept.


Post-university, I sought support, but the breakthrough remained elusive. The harsh reality struck me—I had a product, but no proof of demand. Traditional approaches failed to provide the traction I needed.


I stumbled upon a harsh reality. Despite mastering business plans, pitch decks, and engaging with investors, I lacked the crucial component... I'd built a product... but l had no proof that anyone wanted it. Where was the traction?


Reading Tim Ferris' 'The 4-Hour Work Week' was a game-changer. Ferris emphasised testing the market with ads and landing pages as the very first step.


Inspired, I chose Facebook over Google Adwords, delving into the nuances of impactful ads, compelling landing pages, and effective data analytics.


Empowered with new knowledge, I tested my idea. The outcome? Transformation. Customers engaged with my landing page and, thrillingly, made purchases.

Test One (7 Days, £280): 208 link clicks, Zero sales.

Test Two (7 Days, £100): 66 landing page visits, 4 sales.

Four individuals were ready to buy a product that didn't exist, affirming not just interest but demand. This valuable market research cost just £100 but yielded monumental returns—a concrete demonstration that my business could thrive with the right approach. 


Turn skeptics into believers. Success boosts confidence, proving doubters wrong.


Here's the truth: launching a business is often unclear, especially for those without the privileged background of successful entrepreneurs. Contrary to popular reads like Shoe Dog, Netflix, Airbnb, Snapchat, they don't reveal the practical steps needed to start from scratch. Let's face it—not everyone has the luxury of funding and extensive contacts like those Stanford University grads. If you're not among them, you're not alone.


Common enemy: businesses pushing premature setup.


Discover instant interest with social media, no waiting.


Master a proven method to test ideas inexpensively but revolutionise how you articulate them. Convey your concept confidently to investors, partners, and service providers, backed by proof of real customer interest. Your concise communication not only attracts attention but solidifies your idea's commercial value, paving the way for successful partnerships and investments.


Know if your idea has customers before investing. 

This is why I created the Don’t Start a Business Without Knowing You Have Customers which is a toolkit consisting of a guide and video tutorials.


I have spent so much time and effort doing what I believed was the way to launch my ideas into a successful business by creating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), prototypes, Proof Of Concept (POC), paying contractors to create logos, develop software, setting up companies, paying accountants and it’s all been completely unnecessary.


Once I’d learned the expensive lesson that you need to know that you have customers before you invest too much time and effort I developed this toolkit. I trialed a number of website builders, and experimented with landing page formats to produce a formula that works.


The guide and video tutorials are easy to follow, there’s nothing overly complicated as it’s all straightforward.


It might take half a day to setup everything, and it takes as long as it takes to write around 1,000 words for the landing page. The tried and tested template that we use breaks the page down into sections making it clear what’s expected.


You will present your idea as if it exists so that your target audience can go through the buying process validating the market and proving demand.


The analytics record individual sessions so that you can see how real users react.


You’ll have the market research you need so that you’ll have confidence to invest more time and money.

What People Are Saying About 'Don't Start A Business Without Knowing You Have Customers'

"As a busy entrepreneur, I was skeptical about diving into another toolkit. However, after using Tom's guide, I was blown away by how easy it was to set up my website and integrate Hotjar for data analysis. Watching user sessions gave me invaluable insights! The tutorials were crystal clear, and I appreciated the step-by-step guidance. Tweaking and running tests became a breeze. Highly recommend!"

William, Verified Purchase

But before you get started, let me show you what’s included. The guide contains all you need to know to write a captivating advert and a persuasive landing page using a tried and tested template. This is what’s included:

  • How to setup your website with step by step video tutorials.

  • How to setup analytics with step by step video so that you can see what real live users do.

  • How to setup a Facebook advert and the Meta pixel with step by step videos tutorials.

  • How to write your advert and landing page copy.

  • How to analyse your data, and interpret heat maps.


I’m showing you how to setup this toolkit so that you can use it whenever you have a new idea. If you hire a professional to do this for you, it could easily cost you £500+ each time.


If all this did was prove to you that there’s life in your idea, wouldn’t it be worth it?


On the other hand: If all this did was show you that there are no customers for your idea, saving you development costs, wouldn’t that be worth it?


I’m not going to charge you £500. I’m only going to charge you £99 as a one off special launch offer.


I’m so confident in this toolkit that I’m going to give you my 100% money back guarantee.


But you must act now as I don’t know how long the launch offer will last, before the price is increased to a more realistic level.


Just imagine what life could be like for you knowing that you’re on to a winner. This could be the start of something big… a whole new career.


So click on the button below right now, and you’ll be taken to a secure order form. After you put in your payment details for your chosen payment method, you’ll be taken to a secure members’ area to download the guide. It’s available 24/7.


For those entrepreneurs who have already started this stage of the journey we’ll be sending further updates along the road to success, so keep a lookout for those.


You see… it doesn’t matter to us if you buy the guide or not, however without the tools we’re offering you may struggle to get the proof you need.


You need to generate statistically relevant data to guide your decision making process.


Without it, you’re guessing which means you’re setting yourself up to fail.


Remember you get a toolkit comprising a guide explaining how to write your advert and landing page copy, video tutorials with step by step instructions for setting up your website and data analytics, and how to interpret the results using heat maps.

eBook Version is Available

Don't Start a Business Without Knowing You Have Customers 

100in7 Don't Start A Business Without Knowing You Have Customers
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